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Tourism is becoming one of the most dynamic economic spheres and one of the largest employers. As a result, it is a demanding area of study, requiring a strong knowledge and practical skills. If you feel overwhelmed with your studies, homework or exams, our travel and tourism tutors will be glad to provide you with extra academic support.

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Private travel and tourism lessons will help you to maximise your career opportunities in this expanding industry. Our tutors will you to master your skills in a number of directions, from administration and management to hospitality and leisure. Whether it is preparing for the exams, immediate homework assistance or in-depth study of the subject, our tutors will be able to help.

We know that considering one-to-one tuition and choosing the right tutor is very important to you. At Bigfoot Tutors, it’s very simple to find a tutor. Simply browse through the list of available travel and tourism tutors and visit their profiles to find out more about their tutoring approach, experience and rates. Their profiles also include reviews left by former students.

After you find a tutor that seems the most convenient for you, you can request a free 15-minute trial with them. Feel free to ask any questions you are concerned with. Find out if this particular tutor can give you required support you need. Once you clarify the details of travel and tourism distance learning, book the required number of lessons you wish to take or book a single lessons.

Why study travel and tourism with Bigfoot Tutors?

Private online travel and tourism study is a very productive and cost-effective way to learn. Unlike group travel and tourism courses, private online lessons are focused on individual needs of the students. Our tutors will tailor a lesson program just right for your goals.

In addition, private online tuition is extremely convenient for you. You are free to schedule your lessons with your tutor to suit your needs and your busy schedule. All you need to start studying is a computer with an internet connection, a webcam and a microphone. No books, textbooks, or other printed materials are needed. You and your tutor will upload all necessary documents to our online classroom.

All of our tutors are highly qualified, well-motivated and committed specialists who are passionate about their job and have rich experience in teaching travel and tourism. Pick a tutor and start learning today!

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