Study Skills: What Are They And Why Are They So Important?

Have you ever wondered why some students succeed, while others fail to learn new material? Do you think the only reason is in their cognitive ability and IQ? Study skills play a large part in academic success.

It all too often teaching study skills can be neglected by many teachers. As a result, students without inherent study skills can find it challenging to make lasting academic progress. Students without study skills can find it difficult to learn and can suffer from a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Conversely, students with good study skills often need to put less effort into their studies and get better grades.

Study skills are also applicable to almost every stage of our learning, not only school years. The ability to learn effectively is a common rewquirement by many employers. Core elements of good study skills include time management, problem solving, andprioritization. Solid study skills are also valuable in entrepreneurship. Study skills are a key life skill which can add value to a number of different learning activities.

Where to take study skills lessons?

The good news is that study skills can be learned. Bigfoot has a variety of tutors with whom you can embark on a Study Skills Course. Experienced study skills tutors at Bigfoot Tutors will give you useful tips for effective learning and will teach you how to study.

Our tutors have rich experience of teaching, so you can be sure that a study skills courses will boost your effectiveness with their proven methods.

Study skills course online

Study skills course will give you the understanding of basics of studying. You will learn how to organize your time and study environment, how to develop good study habits, how to reduce study-related anxiety and boost your confidence. Study skills tutor will also share with you the most effective learning techniques and strategies.

How can you benefit from this knowledge? You will realize that it is possible to get good grades (good results at work) without endless hours of studying (working). You can significantly reduce the time you spend on learning new things, solving and analyzing problems, and… working. Once you develop your study skills, you will make a huge step towards success.

Remember, there are no “smart” or “dumb” students. There are students who have study skills and who don’t.

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