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Bigfoot Tutors is a private tuition website offering you everything you need to learn Spanish, including first class Spanish tutors, online classroom and the convenience of study. Whether you have an upcoming Spanish test or you are planning to travel, here you will find a tutor for you.

Our Spanish tutors can both teach complete beginners and help advanced learners improve their skills. They understand that each student has different goals and needs. Therefore, they adapt their approaches to offer an appropriate lesson plan for everyone.

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Our database includes both native speakers and UK-based tutors with solid knowledge of Spanish. All of them have been extensively tested and have proved to be highly skilled specialists. Browse through our list of friendly and experienced Spanish tutors and choose the one who seems most suitable for you. You can easily book a free trial or a paid lesson with the Spanish tutor you have chosen. There are no contracts – our tutors sell services by the hour, and you are free to book as little or as much as you need.

Benefits of online Spanish lessons

One-to-one online Spanish lessons are a cost-effective alternative to traditional Spanish courses. There is no need to attend a complete Spanish course, simply discuss the topics you would like to cover and book as little as required. Our Spanish tutors charge between £25 and £35 per hour; and their hourly rate depends on their qualification and experience.

Our tutors can focus on particular topics you want to learn. You may need help with Spanish grammar and vocabulary or may want to improve business Spanish. Whatever your needs, our Spanish tutors are ready to help you. If you have been receiving low grades in Spanish, our tutor will identify your weaknesses and boost your knowledge and skills.

With Bigfoot Tutors, you can study Spanish wherever and whenever you want and at your own pace. It’s simple to find a Spanish tutor available when it is convenient for you. Our tutors work at the weekends and during non-business hours allowing them to be available to you 24/7. You can study from your home according to your schedule.

There is no need to buy books, textbooks or any other materials. Your teacher will upload all necessary documents through our virtual classroom. You and your tutor can also share a virtual whiteboard, which will make you feel like in ordinary classroom.

Find the right tutor for you, book a lesson and start learning. Enjoy!

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