What does teaching history look like at Bigfoot Tutors?

Why do you need to study history? Most students will answer ‘because we need it to graduate’. This is a shame that we do not this subject as meansof understand people and societies. However this is the result of poor teaching.

Our history tutors develop unique tutoring approach enabling students enjoy history lessons that engage students. Their secret is that they are enthusiastic, attentive, and passionate about teaching. They know how to engage and motivate student, and can turn their studying experience from torture to pleasure.

Our tut Our tutors are more than willing to help you improve your history studies as they are all experts in their field with rich experience of tutoring.

Choose the level you wish to improve on in the search filter and pick the history tutor that appeals to you. Click on a tutor to find more information about them, and request a free trial. Once you are happy with the trial, you can book and pay for an individual lessons or buy a block of lessons. Tutors’ rates start from £20 per hour depending on their qualification, experience, and student’s level.

Why take our history courses online

Our tutors create a friendly environment making history lessons a pleasant experience for students. They do this through tailoring online history lessons to the individual student and engaging them into the learning process and. Our high-skilled tutors find out strengths and weaknesses of their student and adapt their lessons accordingly.

History lessons online

We’ve designed our virtual classroom to give the students a chance to study history in a way that easily fits their lifestyle – they can study from anywhere and when they like.. Studying from your home online is relaxing and convenient and more efficient than traditional lessons. When studying with a private tutor, students often show better results.

Bigfoot Tutors are ready to help your child to improve their history knowledge, get good grades in history, and pass exams successfully.

If your child thinks that history is not for them, then contact us right away! Bigfoot Tutors will make history learning fun and rewarding.

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