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Are you looking for a qualified French tutor? Then Bigfoot Tutors’ French teachers are what you need. find a tutor that will help you develop French skills to your required level, whether you need to improve your French or learn French from stract for work or for a trip to Paris. Our French tutors will be able to meet your needs and be more than happy to deliver French lessons to the highest standard.

French lessons - who will teach me?

Bigfoot has a wide selection of French tutors that allows you to learn French either with native speaker or with UK-based teacher. Each tutor have solid knowledge of speaking and writing French and have impressive tutorial experience. There are DAFL-certified tutors, teachers with BA, PhD, and PGCE degrees. All tutors haved been tested allows you choose a tutor withguaranteed competence.

To learn additional information about a particular online French tutor, visit their profile, where you will find detailed information about the tutor’s qualification, experience, tutoring approach, and prices.

Find the tutor the most suitable tutor for you and request a free trial with them and if you feel they are a great match for you. Then start booking your one hour sessions, whichstart from £15 and depend on each tutor’s qualification and experience and the student’s level.

How are French lessons arranged?

At Bigfoot Tutors, French language courses are taught in our online classroom, which connects the tutor and the student via computer, a webcam and a microphone. Each French tutor will:

  • Discuss with the student their needs and preferences
  • Develop an individual learning plan, adapted to the student’s level
  • Engage the student in the learning process
  • Help the student achieve their goals

French tuition is arranged on individual basis. Our tutors do not stick to one tutorial approach, they are flexible and responsive. They know how to plan each French tutoring session so that every single student feels themselves comfortable, motivated and involved.

French language courses online

What makes French online course especially attractive is that you can learn French from any part of the world while comfortably sitting in your chair. Classes are available 7 days a weeks, 24/7. You won’t find more convenient French courses than those offered by our tutors! Learn French with BigFootTutors

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