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Do you need to prepare for exams in English, conducted by a division of the examination board of the University of Cambridge? Our ESOL tutors will help you to receive required knowledge to pass ESOL. Most often ESOL is necessary for the admission of a higher education institution. If you want to enter the dream university easily, then you just need to take ESOL courses with experienced teachers. In addition, passing the ESOL examination and receiving a worldwide recognised certificate proving your knowledge of English, will give you a good advantage for career growth.

Examination Department of the University of Cambridge (Cambridge ESOL) conducts the largest number of language tests in the world. Currently, there are around 2,700 authorized test Cambridge ESOL centers around the world. List of Cambridge ESOL examinations includes all levels of English proficiency, from Pre-Intermediate (A2) to Proficiency (C2). These levels are presented by KET, PET, FCE, CAE and SPE exams.

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ESOL is divided into several categories: Young Learners, General English, Exams for Schools, Professional English and Academic English. ESOL lessons taught from our tutors will help you thoroughly prepare for any of these exams.

To successful pass your ESOL exam, you will need good knowledge, which you can get through ESOL learning with our teachers. Why should you choose us? Because you will work exclusively with qualified and experienced Tutors, whose level of knowledge is not in doubt. They will give you a full amount of knowledge required for passing Young Learners exam as well as Academic English.

During your study you will work with the present exam materials and examples of tasks. You will learn how to effectively respond to the questions allowing you to be well prepared for your exam.

Tutors will closely monitor your progress to ensure a constant improvement in your knowledge. Their comments will help identify your strengths and weaknesses. Tutors will design individual reading plan, personal training materials and personal training program for you to ensure high efficiency of ESOL learning. Tutors will enhance your motivation and interest in the study during all studying process.

How start your ESOL learning with our tutors? You just need register below, choose a suitable tutor and arrange with them when you would like your first lesson. That`s all you need to start your preparation for taking ESOL.

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