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Some children find reading and writing difficult. However, these children are usually good at math and other subjects, which would seem to require more intelligence. These children are most likely to be diagnosed with dyslexia. But you should not panic, because having dyslexia means you have positive traits and can be the next Richard Branson.

There are special techniques that allows dyslexic students to over come their dyslexia. The best way to do this is to find a good dyslexia tutor who is able to work with you to build a special course to help you improve and your skills that you find difficult.

Dyslexia is a disorder of reading skills caused by the lack of formation of the mental functions participating in the reading process. The main symptoms of dyslexia are the resistance, typicality and repeatability of errors when reading. Most often disease affects boys.

There are several types of violations of reading: phonemic dyslexia, semantic dyslexia, grammatical dyslexia, amnestic dyslexia, optical dyslexia, tactile dyslexia. All these deviations are amenable to correction. You only need to find the right dyslexia tutor.

Dyslexia courses from Bigfoot tutors

Do you need help to deal with your dyslexia? Welcome to Bigfoot where you can find a good tutor to meet your needs. All of our teachers are highly qualified and have many years of experience. Tutors adopt their teaching style to match every students individual learning style and needs. Before you start your lessons with your tutor, they will assess your level of formation of speech, writing, reading and non-voice functions. Then teacher create individual dyslexia course based on the analysis which aimed on development of disturbed speech components (sound pronunciation, vocabulary, connected speech) and non-voice processes.

Dyslexia is life long diagnose, however with the help of our dyslexia training with our tutors , you will learn the techniques that allows you not to find having dyslexia a problem.

Help in the fight against dyslexia UK

With our tutors you be able to live your life with dyslexia and not feel that it gives you a disadvantage, within your own time and in the comfort of your own home.. Each session will be interactive and engaging allowing you improve and develop your learning abilities. For example, a phonemic dyslexia tutor will focuses on the correction of sound pronunciation defects, formation of ideas about the sound and sound-letter-syllabic structure of a word while a grammatical dyslexia teacher will help with your grammar. Contact our tutors, and we will help you overcome your problem together.

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