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The ability to write creatively is a skill needed for all students to write essays and stories whilst they are studying. Also for people whose activity is connected with the need to continually express their thoughts in writing. If you belong to the above categories, or just want to learn how write well, then choose distance learning creative writing with Bigfoot tutors.

Creative writing is the texts creation that performs aesthetic function rather than informative or instrumental. Most of these texts are poems or small stories, but journal articles, blogs, essays, travel books can also be creative.

Creative writing courses online from Bigfoot tutors

Creative writing courses gives the opportunity for everyone to study different features of writing of creative texts. Becoming a student for creative writing lessons, our tutors will guide you will learn how to use intuition, observation, imagination, and personal experience for creative texts.

One of the main features of creative texts is that the authors are experimenting with the language, combine elements of cognitive and emotive ways of thinking in their writing. Our creative writing tutors will teach you these techniques and more to allow you to create the next Harry Potter novel.

During studying you will have the opportunity to create a story, write the beginning or ending for the story, make up a story of disconnected words, write an essay in a certain genre, etc. These tasks are developed for both young students and adults.

What can you learn from our creative writing tutors

Every creative writing lesson is an opportunity for you to improve your language at all levels: grammatical, lexical, phonological and discursive. Studying creative writing will help you to develop your creativity, in addition to learning to listen to your feelings and emotions.

All of our tutors have many years of experience that allows them to make learning fun and interesting. Tasks are selected in accordance with each student’s knowledge level. The learning process is fully interactive and the materials used will be provided in electronic form using out online classroom.

All you have to do it select a creative writing tutor, arrange with them what you would like to study in the convenient time for you. Book a free trial lesson if you like your tutor you are able to book either a single lesson or a block of lessons.

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