Сomputer learning

Nowadays, computer skills is a necessity, they allow you to improve your learning skills, get a good job and be up to date with of all events. Today small children as well as old people are able to use a computer. But if your computer skill level is still low, computer courses can help.

Computers have already become a reliable assistant in all spheres Computers are in almost every home today. You can start computer learning with us now, and we will quickly help you become an experienced PC user.

Computer courses for all

Joining our computing distance learning is helpful for those with different levels of skill in the field. The main purpose of training is to teach students the basics needed to use a personal computer. First of all it is familiarization with the operating system Windows, different Microsoft Office programs, work in Internet, acquiring skills using e-mail and other basic software.

Under control of our experienced computer tutors you can easily learn with your personal computer. You will learn mail computer components, file types and actions with them, as well as learning how to work with removable media, master text editor Word, table editor Excel, learn how to use the internet, email, social networks, Skype, work with office equipment and much more.

Computer training from the best tutors

We work with highly experienced and qualified tutors, who will find the most relevant approach for all their students. In our computer lessons students will receive information in an accessible format allowing them to immediately apply received knowledge in practice. Tutors carefully monitors the process of each students learning, correcting errors and answering all their questions.

Computing distance learning is a very convenient form of interactive learning, which allows students to receive all necessary information electronically and book to have a lesson at any time. This learning styles allows students to quickly achieve good results. . Find a a good computing tutor our website.

To join us, register on our site, then log in and select a tutor and book a lesson at a convenient time. We offer a free trial lesson.

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Get started by meeting any of our tutors for free in our online classroom. Just click on a tutor’s contact button to arrange a time.

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