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Citizenship is a stable legal connection between human and the state, which are expressed in the presence of mutual rights, obligations and responsibilities. Every citizen of the country should know all these laws and implement them. Our citizenship lessons will help everyone to understand the nuances of the field.

Citizenship defines all the basic human rights and freedoms, as well as additional rights such as to elect and be elected, to hold public position, serve in the armed forces, etc. Rights of persons having more than one citizenship, usually different from the rights of other citizens. This issue is regulated by international treaties and agreements.

Citizenship study will help you understand all the details of these issues. These courses will allows you to navigate better in your rights and duties, and hence be able to use them if necessary.

You will get a comprehensive knowledge in the field of citizenship if you apply to the help of our teachers. They will help you to form an idea of citizenship as an important legal category which represents the relationship of human and state; explain the procedure of acquiring citizenship; consider the rules for admission to citizenship of UK and grounds for termination of citizenship of UK. Also, you will learn how to develop the ability to analyze the documents, compare and make conclusions; you will get required skills to apply gained knowledge in solving practical problems.

Citizenship courses will be useful to adolescents and older people, because people of any age need to know their rights. Our experienced Citizenship tutors will find an approach to any student and will give him the material in accordance with his level of knowledge.

If you think that this subject is quite complicated for you to learn, don’t worry. Our teachers will explain everything to you in detail and will answer to all your questions.

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Citizenship course designed to give student the opportunity to learn at any time convenient for him and have as many lessons per week as he wishes. This allows the student to count own time and to receive biger amounts of knowledge in a short time.

All classes are held online so you don’t need even to get up from your computer to visit the lesson. You just need to register on our site, log in, choose a tutor from the list, contact him and arrange about the lesson. Citizenship lessons with Bigfoottutors

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