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Undergraduate students face many difficulties during their studies, exams and research projects. Most of the time, they need academic support from a highly qualified specialist. If you or your child find yourself in this situation, Bigfoot Tutors are happy to give you a hand. Our UK-based website is the best place to find an experienced and highly qualified undergraduate tutor who will help you succeed in your studies and get good grades in exams.

We provide a wide selection of tutors specializing in a variety of subjects, including Biology, Business Studies, English, Chemistry, Politics, and many more. Simply choose the subject you need and you will get the list of the tutors who are ready to help you.

What are the benefits of undergraduate distance learning?

The main difference between private online tuition and online undergraduate courses is that online tuition is highly personalized. Your tutor will tailor their lessons to meet your particular needs and will focus on the areas you are struggling with. You are free to ask for any type of academic support you may need, from homework assistance to exam preparation. Furthermore, our undergraduate tutors will be glad to share effective study skills that will make homework assignments, research projects, tests and exams much more manageable.

Undergraduate distance learning makes it easy for students to schedule lessons. Our undergraduate online tutors work both on weekdays and weekends, making it simple to schedule the lessons according to your personal schedule. Visit the tutor’s profile to check their availability or request a free fifteen-minute trial to discuss any other details of your future studies.

Studying with Bigfoot Tutors is also time-saving, as there is no need to spend time on travelling to the tutor’s place. You will study from your own home or from anywhere where you have a computer with good connection. No special hardware is needed to see and speak to the tutor, as the lessons are held in our virtual classroom, accessed via our website. All you need to start learning is a webcam and a microphone.

Online lessons with our undergraduate tutors are live, engaging and fun. We carefully select each of our candidates for their ability to motivate students and make their lessons interesting and enjoyable.

Book private lessons with one of our experienced undergraduate tutors and enjoy the benefits of online learning.

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