The proven way to help your child with their Key Stage 1 studies

Key Stage 1 is a busy and exciting stage of education where children start to develop their learning style and participate in school life. This 2-year period is focused on such fundamental subjects as KS1 Science, English, Mathematics, Art and P.E. If you feel that your child may need additional support with any of KS1 subjects, Bigfoot Tutors are happy to help. They can also help your child build confidence and develop lifelong study skills which will help them achieve their full potential in studies and careers.

How to choose the right Key Stage 1 tutor?

We understand that as parents considering private KS1 tuition for your child, choosing the right private tutor is very important to you. At Bigfoot Tutors, you will easily find a tutor who will suit your child’s needs. Simply choose the subject your child is struggling with and browse the list of our available tutors. You will find all the information about the tutors in their personal profiles. You can also see previous feedback on our KS1 tutors to make the right choice. Feel free to book a free trial lesson with any KS1 tutor to discuss any other questions you may have.

How KS1 private tutoring can help?

Whether it is preparing for the next step up to secondary school by helping your child with KS1 Science and Maths, or helping your child with their homework assignment, Bigfoot Tutors will do their best to help.

We understand that parents remain an important part of each child’s learning, that’s why we provide a possibility for you to work with the tutor and discuss your child’s weaknesses before starting learning. Please feel free to require a 15-minute trial with any tutor you like and tell what topics you would like to be covered.

Private tuition is a perfect option for children with special education needs. Many of our tutors have experience of tutoring children with dyslexia, dyspraxia and other learning difficulties. Our Key Stage 1 tutors understand that each child is unique and has an individual learning style. They know how to motivate every student and deliver really enjoyable and memorable lessons. Furthermore, children find online lessons really fun and usually show improvements soon after starting learning.

Online lessons are very easy to arrange. Your child can study from anywhere where they have a computer connected to the Internet. Lessons are held in a virtual classroom which is accessed by logging in to our website. No special software is needed.

Don’t hesitate to browse the list of our highly skilled Key Stage 1 tutors and connect with the one who suits your child’s needs.

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