Dr. Annie Martirosyan

“Certified proofreader and English language expert”
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My tutoring approach

Personalised in-depth tutoring.

Professional experience

Tutoring experience: 9+ years

I am an editor and certified proofreader and have trained with the Publishing Training Centre in the UK. I am also an academic researcher and book reviewer and often contribute to HuffPost UK blog.

I have English Language Teaching (ELT) experience for 5 years at university level; 4 years as an online tutor. I have helped students with their writing, including serious projects such as dissertations and PhD research proposals.


  • I have PhD in Philology (dissertation on Shakespeare's language); MA in Shakespeare Studies (dissertation on morality in Shakespeare and Dostoevsky); BA+MA (a 5-year study programme) in English Language and Teaching (dissertation on Shakespeare's language).


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