Ope Hussain

“Experienced and engaging online tutor for Chemistry, Math and Biology”
10 lessons
78% response rate
8 hrs response time

My tutoring approach

I understand that students learn in various ways, so I try to structure my tutorials to suit individual needs. Generally however, I strive for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and sometimes take a non-conventional approach towards learning especially where the tougher concepts are concerned. I like my students to ask "why?". I believe that true subject mastery comes from understanding the why's and anyone can attain it.

I implore hands-on techniques where applicable and encourage participation and thought-provoking discussion. I also make use of feedback mechanisms which can include tests or assignments (formal or informal) to assess understanding and progress. I give assignments occasionally to check understanding.

Ultimately, my goal is an environment where learning can be just that without seeming to give a headache after it and students can obtain mastery over their fears.

Please contact me with your contact details and a suitable time to contact you to arrange a lesson!

Professional experience

Tutoring experience: 6+ years

I have worked as a professional tutor since 2010 to many youth, mostly 11-20 year olds. Although, I have also had many younger tutees who have prepared for SATS and 11+ entrance exams and excelled.

I have been tutoring online for the past 3 years. I am self-employed with my own tutoring platform helping teenagers to meet and exceed their exam aspirations.

The average duration of tuition with a client is an academic year, with most of my tutees still opting for tuition after they had progressed academically.

I coach them with their studies, assignments and in preparation for examinations. My style of tutoring is heavily dependent on the personality of my student - I adapt to fit your learning style. I develop understanding but focus a lot of attention on mastering exam technique also.


  • MSc Green Chemistry and Sustainable Industrial Technology/
  • Bridge Scholarship Award
  • - University of York (Russell Group)
  • BSc Chemistry with Biochemistry, First class Honours
  • - Queen Mary University of London (Russell Group)
  • A-Level Chemistry, Biology & Maths
  • AS Level Psychology
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate
  • -Obtained 2011


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