Bigfoot for schools: Transforming students in a measurable way

In the case of difficult students there has been both a massive attitude change as well as a substantial improvement in academic results.

Head teacher, Primary School, London, after using Bigfoot Tutors. (See below.)

Bigfoot case study: Primary School, London

A Primary School in London has found that one-to-one online tuition from Bigfoot Tutors has had a significant impact on academic attainment and behavioural issues.

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We provide a flexible, student-focused, bespoke, private tuition service that is effective for the student and measurable to Ofsted.

Why private tuition?

Studies have shown that private tuition is one of the most effective ways of achieving an academic turn-around. An intervention delivered by a specially trained tutor to pupils failing in the bottom 6%, can increase the rate of progress by up to four or five times the national rate.

Why use Bigfoot?

Free trial lesson and no contracts: It’s simple to arrange a free trial lesson with a Bigfoot tutor. There are no contracts. We sell tuition by the hour, and you can consume as little or as much as required.

High quality tutors: Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced, and have a track record of radical improvements with students. We are committed to working with schools to create significant improvements in academic achievement and behaviour.

Online tuition: Bigfoot operates 100% online. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a webcam. It’s a groundbreaking way of learning with amazing results (particularly for students with learning difficulties and concentration problems). Students love working online as it’s an immersive and engaging environment, like a computer game.

Book a free trial lesson with us. You will be surprised!