How Bigfoot Tutors works in 4 simple steps

Bigfoot Tutors provides students with private tuition — connecting
them with the best tutors, teachers and examiners in the country!

Find subject

We can help you across a range of subjects, levels and exams. From KS1 to adult learning; 11+ to Oxbridge entrance.

Enter a subject and level you are looking for to find tutors who can help.


Pick a tutor

Choose from the best tutors in the UK. We have teachers and examiners from across the country who are available to help you 24/7!

Click on a tutor’s profile to view their experience and reviews from other students.


Meet them for free

Meet and speak to any of our tutors for free. This is a great chance to experience our interactive online classroom, where you will be able to see and speak to your tutor and discuss what you need.

Click ‘contact/book’ on a tutor’s profile and request a 15 minute free trial.


Start learning!

Buy a lesson when you have found the right tutor for you. You can buy an individual lesson, or receive a discount by buying a block of lessons. You can also get £25 off a lesson with our reward scheme every time you tell a friend. They will get 10% off their first lesson!

Benefits of working
with a Bigfoot Tutor

Bigfoot Tutors

See how it works


In our online classroom there are no distractions. With their headphones on, students give all their attention to the tutor. They fully engage in the lesson.


You are no longer limited to tutors in your area. Bigfoot tutors has some of the best tutors, teachers and examiners from across the country.


Tutors set their own prices depending on their experience. This means you get the best for your money.


Tuition takes place in a familiar environment, so students are more comfortable and feel more at ease.


You can read a tutor’s reviews from past students. Bigfoot tutors has high standards and vets all new tutors. Read our Tutor Policy and Tutor Requirements documents.

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